Tuesday, June 12


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -Leonardo da Vinci

Sometimes there are days like today where I just want to be quiet. All I want to do is get rid of all the unnecessary. I want to be my full potential without limiting myself. There is always so much hustle and bustle and I just want to be in the eye of the storm. Today I just want to be me because I can. I want to think about nothing but wide open spaces. 

I want to be simple

Friday, June 8

Take a hike

Hello lovelies! Summer is beginning to show its head. Well sometimes it does....it was 95 on Monday and then dropped to 58 on Tuesday. The weather here is seriously bipolar. I have a summer bucket list that I will have to post soon but I have been busy crossing things off that list. Also Cory came back from Texas this week and started an internship in Salt Lake. So I have busy helping him unload and get organized. I am super glad to have him back! Back to the bucket list one of the things is to do a hike. This is something that I am sure will happen lots but I went for an amazing hike this last weekend. I went with some friends from my ward and we went to American Fork canyon. To get to the actual trailhead we had to have an SUV for three miles of switchbacks. Since all of us college kids only have cars we were not sure how it was going to work out. Thank goodness for Troy and his Honda CRV. We shoved 10....thats right 10 people in the back of this CRV and headed up the trail. I seriously felt like I was in another country with all of us cramped and flying all over the place. Dirt was flying. You get the picture it was so funny! The hike itself was really pretty and well worth it. We hiked to a lake and jumped in. Not to mention it was a glacial run off lake. It was so cold but so fun! It made me want to camp so badly! I am excited to get the summer fun started!!!! This weekend also promises to be a good time.

1. Neon Trees with Cory tonight
2. My dear friend Mandy is coming from Boise to run a marathon and is going to be hanging out with me!

Hope your weekend is spectacular!

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