Monday, August 15

I Spy Red Rocks

One last summer trip...I think so. This was a quickie with Phil, Alec, Mark to Moab, Utah! I have never been there so you know that I had to try it out. First thing I see when we get to our campsite, coyote footprints. Yikes! Camping in the desert was a new experience, its hot, really hot. By six in the morning my tent ( a safe haven from coyotes and snakes the night before) became a sauna! What else is there to do when it is 106 degress but kayak of course!

The Green River was amazingly calm and fun! I was seriously in love with the beautiful red rocks and all of the pretty sights. After a very successful trip and only one major rapid (R.I.P to my cute coverup, it is now floating in the river, hopefully making some fish look gooood) , we were ready to hit the road.

Little did we know that Arches National Park was on the way home. Phil looked at me with that look in his eye and I had to agree, so to the arches we went. Let me first explain that I was NOT prepared to hike around. I threw on my most comfortable dress ready for a long drive home. I looked like a total newb!!! One lady looked at me shaking her head said, " Dear you know it is exceedingly hot down there right?" First of all I must mention we were still in Utah and I loved how she used the word exceedingly and second I knew exactly what I was doing but at least I looked good right? Well as good as you can for sleeping with snakes and being a wild river woman! The arches are AMAZING! There are no way that pictures could do it justice! It was totally worth the $6 I payed to see it! I hope you had wonderful summer trips too!


Another summer adventure- Mona rope swing

I am just full of lots of activities. The only down side to this is that I have not done a lot of sewing/crafting. That will come though. I am currently homeless as well! The contract ended on my old apartment but my new lease doesn't start until the 24th. So if you see my car pass by completely filled to the brim because there is no where else to put my stuff, don't worry about it. Anyways back to the rope swing. I had heard the Mona rope swing is something worth making a special trip for. So off we went. We did not realize that we would pass the exit literally four times, get lost in the middle of no where, try to give directions to another friend, and finally stumble upon the pond. When we left Provo, it was a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Sometime during our navigation problems, it started to pour. I mean like thunder, lightening, the whole thing; however, we had a mission and could not be stopped. Rope swing or bust became our anthem! Check out our faces we definitely are showing how cold it was! I have to say though, it was definitely worth the trip. We had so much fun!!! I would say that made the list for one of the best summer activities. I especially liked the large ninja kick that I didn't even realize that I did [thats what I get for being a cheerleader for so long!] There is no other way to end something this great except to eat that JDawgs!!! I love summer!

Sunday, August 14

On the Way to the Farm

hola amigos! I posted the pictures about Anna and I's adventures on the farm but I just had to share the rest of our road trip! I know the road from Provo to Boise like the back of my hand. Confession time, I love random things. Like really random. A secret goal of mine was to one day stop at all the sites and fun things on the road home. A little bit of this goal was fulfilled. Check, check, check us out...

This was the most typical, right out of a movie diner I have ever been in. The waitress did not miss a beat to tell us all about her divorce, farm, and dead-end job. I felt like I was listening to a real life country song. It was an excellent start to an excellent adventure.

We made it Idaho. This picture took about a million tries to get semi-normal but we did it!

Our day on the farm was perfect. Anna and I seriously could not stop listening to country music and loving the open space. If there are any cowboys out there searching for a cowgirl, you can send them my way. I am only kind of joking.

We made it back! I love living in Utah. I have loved having so many fun things to do in such a great place! Yay!

Golden Spike anyone? This is the historic site that I have passed the signs for like a million times. Get ready for a little history lesson. The Golden Spike is important in American history. Leland Stanford drove this spike in for the first transcontinental railroad. The project of joining the Pacific and Atlantic ocean by railroad took six years. To have this cool site right in our backyard made me just have to stop. Well things didn't turn out like they sometimes don't. We did however discover this massive NASA rocket display! Who knew! It literally was in the middle of nothing. In a moment of spontaneity we had a little dance party [country music of course] in the middle of the road!

Last but definitely not least.... Farr's Ice Cream! This place is so wonderful! They have the best ice cream I have ever had! It is located right across the street from the Ogden temple. I had the chocolate cone with marshmallows and Anna had black licorice. This was such a cute, vintage shop, I would totally recommend it!

Well friends, that was our trip! I was so happy that Anna could come with me. She made it so much fun. Having friends like her make me realize what joy friends are! She is a chocolate chip in the cookie of life. Ok that was cheesy but I sure do think she is great! Can't wait to share my other summer adventures!

The Pursuit of Happiness

I was just relaxing this morning and decided to give my blog a little face lift. Little did I know that this would lead to some deep thoughts about what I want in my life. (hold on this could get a little scary) There have been some major changes in my life recently that have lead me to wonder what makes me happy. I mean really happy. I think that each of us have so much potential. Because of all this potential; I have an irrational fear that if I do not do everything that I have the potential to do, be or say, I will not be happy. The more I think about this, the more I realize it is simply, but not so simply, about being content with who I am right now. Right now I am Jessica White. Right now I am 21 years old. Right now its ok to have my heart healing. Right now I feel like relaxing. Right now I am not perfect. Right now I will recognize the good qualities that I possess. Right now I am learning and growing. I am not meant to be a cookie cutter person and for right now I will allow myself to be me!

Friday, August 12


I was so honored to guest blog for my friend Brittany and wanted to share what I wrote for her. I hope you enjoy it! I am off to Moab to kayak this weekend, so my dear blog friends have a wonderful weekend!


The very place that we come from defines so much of who we are. I would always tell you that I am a proud Idahoan. In the same breath, I would deny quite adamantly that I was anything like the stereotypical picture of a cowgirl. A very typical question that someone asks after they learn I am from Idaho, “ Oh how are the potatoes?” An answer may or may not be, “ Oh fantastic, right after I ate one, I hopped on my cow and rode to school!” Lets be real, I grew up in a very suburban part of my great state. It wasn’t until this last weekend did I fully embrace what it meant to be from Idaho. I dug potatoes. That’s it I said it. I literally shoveled treasure from the earth and am proud of it. I finally felt like I belonged to Idaho. I went back to my roots and loved every minute of it. This is a very introspective little blog post but feel free to think about your roots. How are you shaped from your family, enviroment, and everything around you? While you are pondering feel free to check out my adventure in farm country! Well friends, this has been fun. We should do it again! Have a wonderful day!

P.S. This might be a slight picture overload, but I wanted you to get the full experience