Wednesday, February 29


This post is a little behind but I just got the pictures and had to share.  Cory had heard about this place in Salt Lake that was on Diners, Drive In, and Dives on the Food Network. We decided to check it out and it was worth it. It is in the middle of nowhere. Like fourteen miles from any town/ civilization. We kept driving deeper and deeper into the canyon. The only problem is that I have been watching too many Criminal Minds episodes so I thought for sure I was driving to my death. Ok, not really but it was quite the excursion to find it. What a little gem hidden in the mountains. I would recommend it for sure!

If you want to see the clip about it on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives go here

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Monday, February 27

that kind of weekend.


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                                           current craft projects

Perfection. There are no other words to describe how wonderful this weekend was. It was filled with pure happiness! It made waking up for my 7 am class  this morning a little tough. In fact I went this morning and realized I have like three more absences and went right back to bed! I should not be proud of that but another hour of sleep was totally worth it! On Friday night, Brittany and I worked on dying some projects. {pictures coming soon} I love spending time with her! She is so dang cute!! Saturday was also fabulous. The morning was filled with open- the- window- to- get- fresh -air moments! I sewed for a little bit and then Cory and I headed up to Park City. When we left Provo it was sunny and then up at Park City it was laying down some new snow. Best of both worlds. After a great afternoon on the slopes, we decided to explore downtown Park City. I AM IN LOVE!!!! It is so so so cute!!!! It is a definite must on anyone's list!! I also worked on a few other sewing projects this weekend. It has been way too long!! Hope your weekend was just as lovely!!

Friday, February 24

find money in your pocket kind of day.

It is finally Friday! Huzzah for the weekend! I finished all my exams and homework and everything and plan to play all weekend! Hopefully I can fit some crafts in there! I have been so happy lately and I think it is because of my new running regime. Isn't it amazing how much working out makes a difference! Also I have been finding money in all of my pockets lately! Isn't that great!!! Here are some Friday loves for the weekend!!

Thursday, February 23

Viva President's Day.

This President's Day was wicked awesome! The roommates and I made a quick trip to Vegas.  I spent three days doing the following:
walking {basically my feet off}

It couldn't have been more perfect or spent with more perfect friends! Check out the video I made to see how much fun we had!!!!

 P.S. I couldn't load it for some reason but here is the link and I promise you will not be disappointed :)


Wednesday, February 22

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Blog
      I am so bipolar with you! I am pretty sure every time I look at a different blog I think I need to change you. So hang in there and I will get it all figured out. Also, sorry for the lack of posts. For some reason I get really overwhelmed just thinking of updating you!

Dear Las Vegas,
      I had so much fun in you this weekend. I can't wait to post the video that I made about my long weekend. Thanks for being warm and friendly. Also thank you for making me realize that I am actually a good person. I am so grateful that I am surrounded by respectable people and people who don't smoke. I am pretty sure that I am still washing smoke out of my clothes and hair. Hey thanks again!

Dear London and Layla,
    I have loved being your nanny and spending so much time with you lately. Thanks for all the small little moments that melt my heart.

Dear Life,
   Thanks for being so good to me. I often take for granted all of the small moments that are lovely. Today I am especially grateful for my friends. My roommates are the biggest rays of sunshine to me. They are constant entertainment and support! Thanks again for being so darn good to me!

Sunday, February 5

love love love.

The 14 days of love continues on! My mom is seriously so great. I love all of her cute ideas. It is so fun to have something to open every morning. I keep trying to talk her into doing it everyday!!! What did you do this weekend? I spent all day Saturday skiing....surprise surprise right? It was awesome we skied literally from opening until close! We hit some sweet double blacks and great snow! I love it so much!!
P.S. I had to throw a cute picture of Layla in the mix! We decided to have an indoor picnic and they were so stinking cute!
February 3,  2012


February 4, 2012


February 5, 2012

homemade fortune cookies with cute notes in them! 


Friday, February 3

14 days of love.

Valentine's Day is a big deal in my house. It does not matter if you have a valentine or not. For years growing up my sister and I had mailboxes that each morning we came down to find a Valentine surprise in it. Since I have the best mother in the whole world she was extra prepared this year. She gave us a big bowl full of presents with numbers on them to open each morning! How sweet, huh? February 1st was the grand kickoff! What have I gotten for the first couple of days. Check it out!

February 1, 2012


Look at the decorations my mom made for our house!! Aren't they so cute!!! We love LOVE!

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February 2, 2012


Have a LOVEly day!