Thursday, June 30

A Very Merry Unbirthday Mocktail Party

makeshift dresses
A party could not ask for much more than wonderful food, friends and fun. { This post is already full of lots of alliterations.} I have always dreamed of having a mocktail party when I turned 21 and last Thursday my wish came true! Thanks to some ideas from my favorite pinterest peeps and others, I got exactly what I wanted. I was even more excited when Brittany asked if she could be my birthday photographer! Of course I said yes! I wish all of you could have year you have a personal invitation from me! Enjoy the festivities!


P.S. no one was hurt in the set up of this fabulous party!
P.P.S. peanut butter and jelly sushi was served, we are so classy
P.P.P.S. I made the dress that I am wearing check out my craft page for more details

Tuesday, June 28

What I love about Wednesdays...

I have decided that each Wednesday I am going to find something that I love! Wednesdays get a bad rap, they are the Februarys of the week. This last Wednesday was fabulous:
A little TLC by the pool with Olivia and Rachel
Birthday dinner and dessert brought to me courtesy of a Mrs. Megh Fletcher

Saturday, June 25

Grandpa's Shop

When I was home I took the chance to notice the things about my home that I love. I immediately knew I wanted to share my Grandpa's shop with everyone. It is seriously one of my favorite places to be. There are so many things to look at and explore, its amazing. "Stay out of there" are always the words that accompany my explorations, but I know my grandpa really loves it when I am in there. I like to tease him about his guns or maybe a stash of Black Velvet he has hidden but I sure do love the shop. Take a look and see what you think....

birthday time.

June 20th. It is my favorite day of the whole year. Anyone who knows me knows that my birthday is a big deal to me. Why do I love my birthday so much you ask? Well to be honest I am not very sure. I love the fact that it is just my day and I especially love it when I can share it with my dad for Father's Day. It is interesting because each year that it falls on Father's Day my dad would be shipping out to go on tour in Iraq! Coincidence? I think not. This year my birthday was just as great as it always is. This was a big one too..21. I can't believe it! I am so happy not to be 20 anymore. Birthdays tend to make me reflect on my life and what has happened in the last year. This last year was not a pretty one, thats for sure. What I have I learned since being 20:
I am much stronger than I think that I am
I have the most amazing family and dear friends
I learned how to sew
There is always, always, always hope...always
I learned that I LOVE sushi
Look for the positive in life and your day will be much brighter
I have learned so much about the legal system, it ridiculous
I learned how to weld
I changed my major and figured out what I want to really do with my life!

I am pretty sure this list is endless but most important is that life is good. No matter what situation you are going through. It is not always easy but somehow it is always worth it. I am so happy to be 21 and continue to learn and grow!


P.S. I finally got a BARBIE BIRTHDAY CAKE!! I have always wanted one! When my mom went to pick it up the lady asked how old her daughter was turning. When my mom replied 21, the lady gave her the strangest look! I love it!

Monday, June 20

Look Out World, Jessica's 21!

So today is a very special day, I mean like monumental! Jessica turned 21 years old today, and I am her best friend who wants to blog about it. For her birthday, I wanted to make her a birthday soundtrack. We have this thing where we love to share music with each other, its more like an obsession really. Every time I find a new band or song that I love, I immediately want to share it with her. So here it goes, here is a little taste of her birthday soundtrack. It contains some of our favorites, some new stuff, and some all around great classics. Love you friend, happy birthday!! Love, Kristen

The Resistance -Anberlin
I would do Anything for you- Foster the People
Helium Hearts- Jason Reeves
Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
Something Good Can Work- Two Door Cinema Club
Free- Mates of State
Clumsy- Fergie
Young Blood- The Naked and Famous
Never gonna Leave this Bed- Maroon 5
Single Ladies- Beyonce
Tonight- Hot Chelle Rae

Sunday, June 19

Water Baby

I LOVE THE LAKE! The lake reminds me of:
lots of sunscreen
fried chicken from Albertsons
corn nuts
jet skiing
life vests
crazy hair dos
the Hanover family
long weekends camping

My family had jet skis when I was younger and we spent so much time at the lake. I have such a huge place in my heart for the sweet scent of lake water! This last Saturday we went out to Utah Lake. The water was super choppy, so not ideal for wakeboarding but fantastic for tubing. The tube wars raged. Only the fearless survived, well really those who could handle being in the freezing water long enough to battle. I enjoyed spending time with some wonderful friends. Another summer adventure accomplished.

Parades, they disturb me...

as an americorp member and food bank employee, i walked in the Springville parade. pepsi is a proud supporter and generous donator for Community Actions. i was all excited to walk and pass out candy and give pepsi shirts out and do the whole parade thing. i came out of that experience with a few other thoughts. i got the job of passing out stickers along with candy. i was literally malled by small children, big children, teenagers, adults, grandmas, the works. the only thing i was passing out was a lousy pepsi sticker that would probably be left on the shirt and sent through the wash resulting in a frustrating scrub at the sticky mess. Also, whatever happened to not taking candy from strangers. These children were literally begging me, someone they have never met, for a sweet treat. I felt so bad when I threw the candy on the ground and all the children scrambled to secure a piece. I don't know if this is just me but I was seriously worried about what kind of social norms we are teaching our children at events like these. As I described my concerns to my mother she replied, " you did the same thing when you were little and you turned out fine...." I guess I did turn out all right. What in my life made me stop to analyze this scene before me? I don't have the answers and I am still in quandary as to my true feelings about parades but as I promised to walk in a few more this summer I hope I can become less disturbed by a summer tradition.
P.S. The saltwater taffy was very delicious if I do say so myself...

Country Bumpkin

summertime when the livin is easy! one Saturday night we headed down to Springville for a small rodeo. i am an Idaho-raised gal so rodeos are my scene. this rodeo had the funniest games I had ever seen. have you ever seen grown men chase a pack of donkeys, attempt to rope/ride them? how about hundreds of children chasing a cow with money taped on it? mutton Bustin'? i enjoyed every minute of it. on top of laughing my buns off at all of the funny sights, we all looked like real live cowgirls/guys (well attempted to!) can't wait for more summer adventures.