Friday, October 28

Fall and all its glory

Fall is almost gone. The air felt wintery-ish today! (I have a great command of the English language, don't worry about it) I wanted to take London and Layla and enjoy the pumpkin patch before Halloween. It was a blast! They are such a riot to take places. The funny thing is these girls do not like to get dirty, at all! Animal pens, pumpkin guts, out of the question.
Today we conquered some fears. Just the pumpkin guts, but hey its a start. At the pumpkin patch we picked a super cute little pumpkin. At home we carved it and I attempted to make caramelized pumpkin seeds again. This attempt wasn't as lucky. The girls loved loved loved carrying "Rapunzel" the pumpkin around everywhere we went.
Days like today make me stop and appreciate all that I have. It is the small moments of each day that bring the most joy. It is listening to Halloween music and listening to little girl's laughter. It is remembering who I am and all that I have been blessed with. 
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Tuesday, October 25

Just What the Doctor Ordered

What a fall day! I can't believe that it is almost November! Yesterday was an interesting day. Well more correctly I was in an interesting mood. I took a chemistry test and it was no bueno. Really no bueno. Right after I looked at my score and walked out of the building, I stepped right in a mud puddle. Fitting, right? For some reason though I just started laughing so hard. 
I walked home and spent the rest of the afternoon with my sweet roommates. My roommates are seriously the greatest. We just decorated our apartment [pictures coming soon] and it feels so great to be there. We all just sit and stare at the walls. Its getting obsessive.
 Bridget and I decided to go for a fall hike and enjoy the fresh air. It was PERFECT. It was exactly what I needed and I loved every minute of it. I wanted to bottle up the fresh air so I could smell it all year long. We had some funny adventures. To start things off, I went to fill up my car with gas. I did what I do every time: turn off the car and put it in neutral. I got out to go get the gas pump, I turn around to see my car starting to roll away!!! I quickly ran after it and jumped it and stepped on the brakes. Sweet Bridget hadn't even noticed that anything was wrong! So we get up to the trail head and to start things off, Bridget is wearing the most ridiculous outfit. She has these knee high socks on that were just so funny to me. We started walking and this lady stopped us and asked Bridget where she had gotten her socks because she had been searching for some like that for years. She was from Germany and we had a blast talking to her. 
At the end of the day, I had been collecting some pumpkin seeds. I have this obsession with pumpkins and so I couldn't wait to cook them. I made some caramelized seeds. They are so yummy!!!!
What a day!

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Friday, October 21

My Best Friend's Wedding

What an amazing past couple of weekends! My sister who is my best friend in the whole world got MARRIED!! I can't believe it! I am so happy to now have Jordan Funk as a brother. He's pretty cool I guess. Actually he is so awesome. Jordan came into our family when I was not doing super hot in my life. He has always been so nice to me and I appreciate that. When I shared these feelings with my mom, she thought she would share them. Here is how the conversation went:
Mom: I would like to call a family council...
The rest of us: oh dear!
Mom: I just wanted to thank Jordan for always being so nice to Jessica.
Jordan: uh, your welcome?
Me: umm.. thanks mom that makes me sound like the special child who needs someone to be nice to her...
Mom: That is not what I meant at all
Lots of laughter ensued!

needless to say it was quite the funny moment. I love my family dearly and am so happy to have one more addition. Don't even bother asking about the addition I will hopefully make. It ain't gonna happen any time soon. So for the mean time, Congratulations sis. Let me have the pleasure of introducing the new Funk family:

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Wednesday, October 12

Love At Home

This weekend was a wonderful one. I studied hard and worked hard too! I wanted to introduce the glorious girls that I live with. East Cambridge #4 is the best! Rooming with this girls makes me sure that there are no accidents in this life. I had never met these girls in my life but I  LOVE LOVE LOVE living with them. We laugh so hard everytime that we are together! Thanks girls for making life a pleasure!We took roommate pictures and I just had to share. I have a few more cute ones after this but I can't wait to show you these ones.

So to introduce us, here we go.....
The crew:








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Saturday, October 8

Happy Happy Birthday

Hello friends,
   Yesterday was a very special day. It was my Mom's birthday! She would kill me if I revealed how wise she has gotten {or how many candles were on her cake...} I wanted to take the chance to tell her how much I appreciate her and love her! My mom has been my rock for the past year and a half. Literally the only person that I could be around was her. She has picked me up from rock bottom and helped me heal the entire way.  My mom is so strong and has drive that you could not imagine! I have learned to love life because of her and her willingness to teach me. Everyone who knows her, knows this but that lady is the most creative person on the whole planet.  She has taken so much time to teach me how to develop my own creativity. So here is to you mom. I love you to death and appreciate all that you do for me.

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Thursday, October 6

what you do when winter eats fall

What a change in the weather in just two days...welcome to Utah I guess! It SNOWED today! I couldn't believe it. London, Layla and I had such a fun day staying inside! This weather makes me want to ski SO badly!! So here is what you do when winter decides to eat fall in October:


1. Enjoy yummy hot vanilla

shot_1317926927763 shot_1317927330422shot_1317927533073 shot_1317927596771shot_1317927588463 

2. Make cool forts and read books in them

shot_1317928659438 shot_1317928730627shot_1317928742149 

3. Practice our letters so we can get the alphabet crown!


Today was wonderful! This makes me just a little bit excited for the winter but I am still not ready to give up my cute fall sweaters just yet! I am also have a little craft get together tonight. Check back soon to see all the creativity!