Thursday, February 21

Happy Presidents Day

President's Day happens to be my favorite holidy....just kidding. Last year I spent the weekend in Vegas with my besties but this year Cory and I trekked to Boise. We got to spend some quality time with my family. It is always interesting to go home because you realize why you are the way that you are. Does this happen to anyone else? You think yourself very individual and independent but then you hang out with your family. We enjoyed just relaxing watching some tennis and playing games. On Monday we went out and shot some guns. Very wild, wild west I know! I hope everyone else had a wonderful three day weekend.


For anyone who knows me, they know that I LOVE Valentines day. Not just sort of but A LOT! For some reason I love the chance to celebrate well you know, love. Its pink and happy and all sorts of goodness. People always think me strange when I profess my love but honestly it comes in close for second favorite holiday. Call me awful but I may like it more than Christmas....sorry! This may seem like a lot of pressure for my significant other but believe me that is not why I like Valentines. This year, even Cory started getting in the spirit. In one moment he even admitted that he was excited for Valentines. Mission accomplished! A couple of days before Cory told me he was making something. I was a little nervous. Nervous was right. The morning of February 14th I got surprised with the most ridiculous cake I have ever seen. So inappropriate but for some reason he thought it was hilarious. I appreciated the effort. He made up for it by getting me the long awaited Sorel winter boots that I have been dying over for like four months. Then he took me to Park City to Red Rock which is our favorite restaurant. Overall the day was a a wild success!

Tuesday, February 12

le goals

Goals. January's goals were I am happy to report very successful. I really enjoyed getting  into some good habits and having things to focus on. The things I am proudest of are flossing everyday and making homemade dinners. I am planning on putting the recipes that I have been making up soon. Cory and I are on a very healthy kick lately. I was a little late in getting my goals going this month but all we can do is work hard and just keep moving forward righ So here is to a very successful month of love!

Jazz game

Hello there. I am on a speed blog catch up so hang in for the ride! A couple of weeks ago Cory G. and I went to a Jazz game. This was on our list of things to do this semester. It was really really fun. It was wonderful to go out and just enjoy a nice night out. After the game we went to Bruges. OH MY GOSH! These are the most amazing waffles I have ever had. They are this dough based Belgium piece of heaven. Cory and I are constantly talking about them. Overall it was a great night. I sure love spending time with that man of mine!

jazz game

a little bit blurry but it really was the perfect night!

Hermana Kreis

Oh Bridget Kreis. Bridget was my roommate all last year and one of my very best friends. She is probably the craziest person I know. She is someone that I have grown to love very much. She is one of the best listeners and just so funny to be around. She got called to serve in the Texas McAllen mission. She left a couple of weeks ago and these pictures are from her farewell. I have gotten one letter from her and she called the MTC, " a magical, spiritual prison" :) She's the best. As a side note, I volunteered Cory to sing at the farewell and he did an amazing job. Don't hide your talents under a bushel right?

photo(5) photo(6)

Thursday, January 17

goals, Goals, GOALS

The beginning of the new year has had me thinking of goals. Here is a lesson in Jessica 101,  I am a perfectionist. I am very aware of the things I want to work on/ areas I fall short in. What ends up happening is a huge extensive list of all my largest imperfections.  I have come to realize that this method is not effective. While I have much improvement to make, I can not do it in fell swoop. Also I tried to create a goal list that included my tasks so that I could multi-task and cross both things off. I have determined there is a difference between tasks and goals. So this year I have devised a method to the madness. After thinking long and hard, talking with many people, and reading The Happiness Project (thank you Britt), I am ready to announce my system. It is a countdown based system based on the month. It goes like this:

{4} daily habits
{3} weekly things
{2} monthly goals
{1} long term goal

I have also assigned a quote each month to remind me that it is all right to figure things out! Here is what my January goals look like: 

So far, it has been really successful. I am so excited to work on these things and then continue to make things to work on in the future! 2013 has no choice but to be great!

Saturday, January 12

Highlights of 2012

This may be a little late but I love the beginning of a new year that allows me to look at all the things that I have accomplished. This year was a really fun one. I have made some of the most amazing friends in the whole world. I have continued to love and have fun with my family and most importantly I have learned so much about myself. Here are some wonderful highlights of the year:

                                                //Visited Sin City with my best friends//

//Ran the Rex Lee race and spent time with the best sister//


//Enjoyed many beautiful hikes and the great outdoors//

//Started dating Cory G!//


//went to Texas to visit Cory//

//Themed Sundays with my roommates//

//Watched the Beach Boys on the 4th//

//Cory took me paragliding for my birthday//

//saw Wicked in Salt Lake with my family//

// ran a partner mud race//

//visited and had adventures in Wyoming//

I have had many other personal accomplishments. These are the things that are deep inside that we are constantly trying to fix and change. This year has shown a lot of growth and I hope that 2013 has more good things in store!