Sunday, July 24


Remember this....I gave a little sneak peek of this project that I was working on. Well its finished! Tada!

skirt: refashioned shirt: a nightgown that we refashioned shoes: Rue 21 belt: aeropostale

This doesn't look like a big project but somehow it ended up being crazy. I wanted a gold zipper and the one I got was made for a very heavy duty fabrics. To get it in took a little bit of magic. Not to mention I put darts in and made it a little small. Overall though I am so happy with how it turned out! Being stubborn and showing this red linen whose boss worked!

Plum Crazy

My bad. I totally forgot to take a picture of this skirt before it looked like this. I will paint the picture for you. A button up, shoulder padded, dropped waist wonder. Now it is one of my favorite skirts. I just love the deep plum color and it is so comfortable. While my sister and fiance were taking engagements [which turned out so cute!], I decided to join in on the picture action. Kristen hopped in too!

Up in the Mountains

Good Afternoon! I am very much enjoying relaxing at home today. It has been wonderful to catch up on all my blogging adventures. Time flies when you are working and training and learning! Yesterday I went with my grandparents on a drive up the mountains to the Cascade Flea Market. This is about an hour and a half outside of Boise. I loved getting out of town. It is even better when social norms change the further you drive into the mountains. How and why does this happen? I am not quite sure but I enjoyed seeing the effects of being as Idahoan as you dang well want to be.

Sneak Peek

Here is a little sneak peek for everyone. I am working on some refashioning pieces. These things were real beauts when I started. I can't wait to show you what they look like now!

My Mama is Not a Llama

Llama Fest. Sounds intriguing right? I had to check it out. It was in Spanish Fork, Utah at the Hare Krishna Hindu Temple. I am not going to lie, I was definitely underwhelmed. I did get to see these amazing yarn machines up close and personal though. I once begged my dad to get one so I could make my own yarn for knitting. It never happened but a girl can dream can't she?

Going with the Flow

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I am taking a little break at home in Boise. It has been so great. I went on a drive to the mountains yesterday, I can't wait to share the pictures. Also, I have been busy sewing and can't wait to post all about my refashioning. Anyways back to going with the flow, last weekend I had an adventure. Phil, Spencer, David and I left the raving metropolis of Provo behind to kick it in the woods for the night. We were prepared with bug spray, a tent, and a lighter. What more could you need? Here's how it went down...

6:00 pm- This is an hour before we had planned on leaving. Things were not looking like they were going to work out and Phil and I were bummed!

7:30 pm- David gets home from his football game, cheers Phil and I up. We are now ready to camp

Quick stop at the store for supplies

8:30pm- make it Trail Head; commence hike...

10:00 pm- find a good place to set up camp. We thought we were in such a remote spot but really we found out that there was another road/trail head like a 1/2 mile away. Oh well.

Late into the evening- ROAST everything we can think of: hot dogs, smores, starbursts, corn on the cob, apples

Late, Late into the evening- chit chat around the fire

Early, early in the morning- There is no way we can sleep any longer because we were basically sleeping on rocks as our mattresses. So, we decide to roast some muffins for breakfast. The boys were so happy that I had my camera out!

We had to get our morning yoga on...

Hiked a little more...

What did I wish for you might have another camping adventure real soon, but don't tell I want it to come true!

Monday, July 18

Explosions in the Sky

The Twilight Concert Series was amazing.
Explosions in the Sky was amazing.
Salt Lake is amazing.
That city has the coolest places to take pictures. I was in heaven. Check out what a beautiful night it was.

What I wore:
shirt- bought from a Mayan lady in Chichen Itza, Mexico
shorts- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- trusty gladiators