Saturday, April 30

Shoe Are You?

What defines you? I have thought a lot about the things in my life that make me, well me. I was in a chinese restaurant and looked at my zodiac sign. I happen to be a horse, and because I am a horse this means I am well-liked, thrifty, creative, and funny. I am a gemini too which means I am a mirade of other characteristic traits. How do these signs tell me who I am? What if I am not funny or creative( Even though I think that I can be pretty funny sometimes!)? So I asked myself the question..Shoe am I? On my discovery of who I am, what do my shoes tell me? What do the shoes of those around me tell me about them? Well let's see...

Jessica ( God Beholds) + Fay (Faith) + White ( like the color of course)

Kristen (Christian) +Michelle ( Who is Like God)+Milligan

Jake (supplanter) + Douglas + Milligan [Kristen's little brother]

So Kristen and I managed to rope Jake into letting us take pictures of his shoes! He is a total fourteen year old boy and is so awesome! Thanks for letting Kristen and I bug you for many a year! Here is our conversation:
K+J: Jake, Jake let us take some of your shoes, where are they?
Jake: What in the world...
K+J: Jake, it is going to be so awesome, just believe us!
Jake: Uhhhhh....ok
K+J: VICTORY! Oh by the way your name means one who is gaining victory at the advantage of another, just saying!

Here's to the Milligan clan= Milligan + Family!
I am so glad that I have been able to be a part of this family! They are so awesome and fun. I am never bored when I go over there that is for sure!

Stay tuned for more profiles of some wonderful people and their footwear!

Friday, April 29

Woman of Steel

I like to play this game called, " You know you are hard core when...." The game is simple fill the statement in with different things that are worthy of the title of being hardcore. Well " you know when you are hardcore when you learn to weld! " This last weekend I became a woman of steel when I learned to weld. It was something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I am slightly obsessed with learning new things. I have to let everyone in on a little secret, I got a tattoo....well temporary that is. I thought I would be even more hardcore by having a tattoo that says "love kills slowly" with a large skull and hearts. It was wonderful! Grandpa Jack and I really enjoyed spending time together and my welding lesson went well! I can't wait to put it to use on a cool project!

Sunday, April 24

Easter + The psycho bird

Happy Easter everyone!

What a wonderful day to stop and think about what happened on this day so long ago. It is always wonderful to stop and think what the Savior did for each of us. It is always great because it is spring time and usually sunny. This just makes it all the better. Easter is much different when there are no little kids and no easter egg hunts. We did have a wonderful dinner with my grandparents and enjoyed talking about life.

There was something that happened today that was so Crazy!! I came downstairs to get some breakfast and hear this thump on the glass door that leads to our backyard. It continued for a while, so I asked my mom what it was. Come to find out this robin was flying at the window and hitting it searching for something. ( Refer to the innocent looking bird at the top of the post) We could not figure out what it was doing. The bird continued to run into the window for FIVE hours non stop! It was the weirdest thing I have seen. It seriously seems so unreal, so I had to take pictures to prove that we weren't nuts! My mom said that she felt like we were in an Alfred Hitchcock movie with attacking birds. We survived though and finally had to put up a board to stop the bird from hurting itself. I wonder what in the world the bird thought was so important that it had to the run itself into the window for five hours but whatever. So that was our main event for the day!

This is the bird in attack mode!
We had to put up this contraption to make the bird finally go away!

Sunday, April 17

Father And Mother I Love You

This post is dedicated to my family. We took family pictures this weekend and we all had so much fun. This was by far the most enjoyable our family pictures have ever been. Usually we have these strange matching outfits and my mom has to do my sister's hair and she hates it the whole time....but this time we all loved it. I want to share with you some of the best parts of my cute family! Enjoy the ride!

Father= Paul White
My dad is so awesome! He is the funniest person in the whole world. My dad is the best girls dad ever. He is usually super patient and tries really hard to understand all of girls emotions. He is a Major in the Army and is currently serving in Iraq as an executive officer. I am so proud and grateful for him! He has been such an example and teacher to me as well as a provider. Thanks for all you do!

Mother=Jacque White
My mom rocks! She is the most organized person in the whole world! She is also so very strong. My dad has been to Iraq twice the first time for a year and a half and currently for a year. She keeps everything running. My mom also is the CRAFTIEST person ever. Ask anyone and they will tell you there is nothing she can not create. We have had the chance to spend a lot of time together and I love every minute of it! We have a lot of fun!

Sister= Kortni White
Oh how I love my sister. Having a sister is simply the greatest blessing. My sister is the most loyal person ever ( I find myself typing in the whole world a lot!:)) With everyone else she is super patient and very kind and most of the time to me too! We have called ourselves the partners in crime, and crimes we committed! Green nail polish on the carpet, holes in the wall, sneaking ice cream, and so many more stories! I love my sister dearly and am so glad to be her best friend!

Paul + Jacque + Jessica + Kortni=

putting fun in dysfunctional




Saturday, April 16

the break in spring numero dos

my oh my I never thought I would say how much I missed this bubble of a town. It has been a long semester away and I am excitedly awaiting my return there. I have missed my friends and classes and life and everything about this place. I got there late on Wednesday night and hung out with Kristen and company. They are so fun and also as obsessed with criminal minds as I am! The next morning was a very special day.
9:00 a.m. Collette went to the temple for the first time because she got her mission call. She is going to Washington D.C. North, she is going to be the best! Brittany and I got to go with her. I loved it! First of all I had the most wonderful roommates in the world and not only roommates but the best friends ever. I count myself so lucky to have them in my life!

2:00 p.m. Played tennis with Megh!

6:00 p.m. Went and had sushi with the greatest gal pals in the world! I seriously love all of my girlfriends! They have been the greatest supports and SO much fun. They each have a special place in my heart and I will forever be grateful for their love and great memories!

This is us being our best selves!

8:30 p.m. Shalise and I went to visit josh lewis and company! Holy cow I had the best time ever! I got to meet and hang out with some cool kids. I think that I enjoyed it probably the most out of everyone because I felt alive again. For having to deal with so much junk lately to feel like I was 20 years old again had to be the best! Can't wait to be back in Provo!

since we went to bed at four in the morning after longboarding all night in the canyon, making a denny's run and losing my keys the dark abyss of the inside of the couch! Waking up the next morning was rough, I am not going to lie. Conference was wonderful as usual! I even got to go to Saturday afternoon! Look for me in the day I will be there!

spent the night at Angie Pitts' house! Gosh I love this girl! She is just the greatest! I had so much fun with her and her family. Angie and I are serious work out buddies! I don't know anyone else as crazy as her to get up with me at like 5:30 to go to a 6 am workout class! Did I mention that she is just the funniest! We watched the movie Catfish! Everyone has to see is really crazy/hilarious/really sad but so good! Hit the road home to Boise!

I really loved my trip to Utah to visit such wonderful people in my life! Thank you to everyone for making it special and so much fun!


Wednesday, April 13

theme songs

it is amazing when you are going through something hard, every song you listen to you hits you! You know what I mean, at all the right moments, a song just describes exactly the emotions that you are feeling! Well I have had that moment ALOT lately and decided to make a little playlist of those songs. Just guess what is going on in my life right now....

1. Battlefield by Jordan Sparks and the old one by Pat Benatar

2. The Climb by Miley Cyrus

3. Never Again by Kelly Clarkson (well pretty much every girl power anthem by her rocks my world) my dear friend olivia zippi once told me that Kelly speaks right to your heart and I must agree that she is right!

4. (but really number one in my mind) BULLETPROOF-by La Roux

5. Knock You Down- Keri Hilson

6. Shake It Off-Mariah Carey

I am pretty sure the list continues and should comment and tell me the theme songs for your life!

Monday, April 11

the break in spring

*warning this is a very long but super awesome post*

this spring break was so wonderful to say the least. i was so happy to finally be free for a little bit and have some fun. it started off with a bang and a road trip. i went down with taylor kovash and her sister to the holi festival of colors. i know for all of those in provo these pictures are old hat but they are so classic i have to put them up.

it was such a fun time. it was quite a quick is the breakdown=
3:00 pm- leave boise and make the trip down to provo
9:30 pm- arrive in provo
10:00 pm- in and out run
10:30 pm- decide what to conquer
11:00 pm- go visit parker andrus and crew and have a very in depth conversation about life, liberty and the pursuit of marriage. we literally looked like we were getting interviewed. kristen, taylor, and i all sat on chairs across from the boys. we like to think of ourselves as the future view.
1:00 am- arrive back to kristen's apartment
2:oo am- try to coax kristen into watching criminal minds!! my favorite show ever!

8:30-wake up
10:00-2:00 festival of colors
3:00 hit the road home to boise!

I told you it was a fast one! Then with a week ahead of nothing but relaxing I watched the Christensen's kids. They are seriously the best! We have so much fun together. We do things like dress up and go to dinner (yes, i totally joined in with a multicolored tutu and minnie mouse ears!) , flying kites with grandpa jack (krew getting tangled in the kite string), jumptime, building awesome forts and sleeping in them, having a mass amount of ping pong tournaments, the list continues! one of my very favorite moments is when krew had a ballon and wrote a note and then told me he was going to let it go so that Jesus could get the note. him and sammy watched that ballon as far as they could. how sweet is that?

ok so that was monday-wednesday of spring break. so on wednesday i packed my car and literally hit the road right after i got off from babysitting. i felt like quite the gypsy woman in my car. there was everything that i needed including an air mattress which i would soon come to find out did not hold air. so i drove myself to logan, utah to visit my very wonderful sister. it was so fun to see her and spend time with her. i ended up sleeping in her twin size bed which i know shrunk to the size of a matchbox that night. the next morning we went to a crazy workout class. i can't believe that i let her talk me into it, i was sore for the next week and a half!!! then i had to stop and have some infamous aggie icecream. it was allright i have to say but don't tell my dad that i enjoyed my time in logan with my amazing sister! here are my feelings of having a sister.... ok having a sister is the best thing anyone could ever ask for. your sister is the best friend that is right next to your heart. she is the person that completes you and knowsi you the best. i don't ever question if she is going to be on my side whether i am right or wrong! i don't know what i would do without kortni! ok hit the road AGAIN! on my way to my beloved p-town! Stayed tuned for spring break part dos!

Monday, April 4

Oh Bloggey Blog

Ok, I am trying to get this blog thing figured out. I was so inspired by my dear friend Brittany Nelson's blog. It is so cute and hip! I have so much to post about I can not wait to share all of my wonderful spring break adventures. It was the BEST!