Thursday, May 31

Everything is Bigger

Ok here is finally my official post about Texas. I really had so much fun. As I said before the pictures are limited and the video is only parts of the trip but my friends it was a good time. After going to Texas I watch country music videos and feel like I know why they are the way that they are. I definitely recommend giving the south a try! Enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 29

dirt in your ears

Happy Memorial Day everybody. Remember how I hardly took any pictures in Texas. It was quite the opposite in Idaho this weekend. So hang in there for a good photo time. When Kortni married Jordan and they moved to the farm, I knew it was going to be a good time. Not only was it Memorial day but also Kortni's birthday. I had a blast and had so many fun adventures with my best friend/partner in crime/ sister. It has been funny because recently my sister has started working on the farm. I will call her and she will be just getting off the tractor. This blows my mind! I had to see what she has been up to and  this is what we did:

- Went on a hike and found a really cool old house and cemetary
-had my SISTER take me on a tractor ride because she is now pro at driving those around
- milked a cow!
- helped make lots of yummy meals and desserts {my sister has become quite the chef}
- made a run into town for a birthday treat
-carved a watermelon {I totally suggest this activity. It is so funny}
-spent lots and lots of quality time laughing, playing games and enjoying having the best family!

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Friday, May 25

i've been everywhere

Oh hey there blogging world. I am glad to report a wonderful and safe journey to Texas!! It was such a fun trip. One tiny little thing though. I hardly took any pictures {gasp} that is so not like me. For some reason on this trip I just decided to enjoy the moments. I did take some video footage that I am putting together at the moment. It is seriously the most random footage so we will see what happens. No guarantees. Here are a few highlights from my trip:
-riding a train
-riding on a real Texas Longhorn
-riding a mechanical bull
-eating Texas barbeque
-going to the lake lots
-eating catfish
-trying bluebell icecream

It really was one of the best trips ever. Cory and I had so much fun together. Now with memorial day weekend right around the corner, I am visiting my sweet sister on the farm in Idaho. It should be a real good time. If I don't end up being a cowgirl by the end of going to Texas and an Idahoan farm something may seriously be wrong!

Have a super day!

Friday, May 11

i am going places

 If you thought this was a post about me getting my life figured out like grad school, etc you will be sorely mistaken. Those things are sort of overwhelming right now and the only solace I find is that I am literally going to a new place [ I think that those sort of things are called vacations...] I am going to Texas in 5 days!!!! I am so excited. For some reason this trip has given me all sorts of excuses to go shopping like a bandit [that sounds like I have been stealing clothes, no promises ;), totally kidding folks] and basically just spoil myself. This is my first time to Texas. I can't wait to have all sorts of new adventures. So for now I have been practicing my Texan words like:
calling everyone cowboy/cowgirl
talking about steak and other large pieces of meat
I think I am ready....


Thursday, May 10

a great big THANKS!

This post started out as a thank you to Brittany and it is still but somehow it turned into a walk down memory lane too.  So hang in there champions and watch this wonderful friendship take its shape. Oh yeah, thanks Brittany again for this beautiful blog design.

DSCF0044DSCF0408 DSCF0263 DSCF0728DSCF0991 DSCF1985DSCF1507 DSCF2132 DSCF2136 IMG_4701IMAG0137DSC_0576


Can you believe this is just a sampling of the many pictures that I have of us together.  Oh Brittanica you are so wonderful. I especially love how I can be exactly myself around you. You are so genuine and great. I want to copy everything that you do. Oh dear, I am getting a little teary writing this. I need to go get some chocolate...but Britt you really are great.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 9

while i was away

Gosh it feels good to be blogging again. I am pretty sure that for the next little while my posts will be full of stuff that I did while I was away. This post will kick it off. During finals week, my schedule wasn't as full as it usually is.  Thanks to the sometimes luke warm weather of Utah during this time of year, I had been dying to go hiking. So I had a day off and Cory and I planned a hike. Alas, on my day off I woke up to rain. Undeterred we headed up to American Fork canyon to have ourselves a grand ol' day. It was perfect. Seriously though it was perfect. It was a pleasant drizzle and it was so beautiful there is not words adequate to describe how amazing it was. We got really lucky because as soon as we were driving out it started hailing! We also found this obscure hike that was wonderful. Camping trip to the same place this summer? I think yes!

photo-24 photo-43photo-26 photo-29 photo-42photo-35 photo-40photo-38 photo-23