Monday, November 21

Snapshot Catch-up

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Row 1: I was sick this week and my sweet roommate made me lots of soup and orange juice
             I was looking in my rearview mirror and loved the mountains that I saw!

Row 2: I was a NERD this weekend. I have a chemistry test today and studied for way too long

Row 3: This week was London's Birthday and I made a yellow cake from scratch. It turned out super  yummy! Check out the recipe here

Row 4: Bijou Market! Brittany and I found some cute things!

Row 5: Tate is a friend of mine from Boise and I went to watch his hockey game. It was my first at BYU and I think I will go to more!

Row 6: We decided to have impromtu girls night. You better believe that we had a dance party to Cher! Ok the last picture is blurry and bad but it is my favorite! I got out of the library late Friday night and saw the most beautiful sight...snow! I was freaking out! Park City opened this weekend and as soon as I get my skis I will be making sweet tracks!

Life is good.
I can't wait for Thanksgiving.
I have lots to do before then.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, November 17

On a scale of 1 to Perfect

I have been dying to write this post. I seriously have the most wonderful roommates in the whole world! On Sunday we had a winner of a dinner. Alyssa made her famous homemade clam chowder { it was to die for} We had our chowder in yummy bread bowls with green beans on the side. To add to our awesomeness we drank Martinellis. We are super classy at East Cambridge. I was in charge of dessert, which I was very proud of. All week I had no idea what I was going to make. Whenever that happens, an afternoon on Pinterest solves my issue. I decided to make Smore's Cake in a Jar. Oh my goodness, you have to make this. It is so yummy! My favorite food is smores and so this was right up my alley. While the dessert was cooking we went for a walk and enjoyed a wonderful fall evening. To sum it up, my day was perfect!



Lovely Walk....
photo-15photo-2 photophoto-14 photo-11photo-7 photo-12photo-19 photo-16photo-18

Epic Dessert....
photo-5photo-4 photo-3photo-10 photo-9photo-8

Monday, November 14


Wonderful things are coming my way! I couldn't believe how many things are coming up in the near future. What is coming up for you? I hope they are wonderful things as well...

1. Park City opens in 5 DAYS!
     I am an avid skier. I awkwardly told someone that it was one of the most pleasurable activities that  I  could be doing. I did not mean how it sounded but we all laughed!  Sundance opens in December! {I definitely have ski passes to both resorts}

2.  Thanksgiving is in 10 days
       My parents are coming down to Utah and we will all have dinner at my grandparents. I am so      excited for all of the festivities of course.  H&M just opened near Salt Lake and you better believe my mom and I will be in that store for a good time.

3.  Finals are in 27 days
      The end of this semester is coming up so quickly. I have a ton to do between now and then but can't believe how soon it is coming. This will most likely be my last fall at BYU. Yikes!

4. Christmas is in 40 days
   This one is a given. Christmas is simply glorious!

Welcome Winter!!

Sunday, November 13

East Cambridge

Tonight I am keeping a promise! I decorated a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share what it ended up looking like. We love how it turned out and makes it really feel like a home. My roommates thought I was nuts when I laid out my ideas and things I had gathered on the floor. They didn't know how we were going to transform everything. All is well now in East Cambridge #4 and we are so looking forward to decorating for the holidays! Yay!


shot_1319482729388 shot_1321223421830shot_1321245140241 shot_1319482736548shot_1321223437411

Behind the scenes:

Hilary and I enjoyed the process of getting everything to look how it does now. See those cute parasols hanging on the wall. I definitely hammered skewers into the wall to make them stay. I think our neighbors thought I was hammering straight into their wall!

Our book wreath was too white so we had to take matters into our own hands. Hilary and I ran around trying to figure out how to make that thing look old. We sprayed it with tea, used a lighter, but the best method was holding it over the stove!
Check out that tutorial: here {for how to make the book wreath that is}

You better believe I am wearing safety goggles while hammering. No nails in these blue eyes!

shot_1319413681764shot_1319414084521 shot_1319411835036shot_1318566583277

The pattern balls were super easy to make too!
Check out that tutorial: here!

Hope you had a glorious weekend!

Friday, November 11

That's a Wrap

Hi guys! It has been a little bit since I have blogged. I just wanted to build up the suspense for this post. Well really I couldn't figure out how to load these pictures. For some reason I was really struggling. Last weekend when Brittany came over, I had a goal to finish this headband. It is called The Turban and it is so stinking cute. I love headbands. As I have gotten older I have a strict no pain tolerance for headbands. If they hurt, they are out! This headband is so comfortable and I love wearing it! I want to make it in lots of colors.  My wonderful friends of course had to help me model it.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. We have a flag football game tomorrow, wish us luck...

Photo 45 Photo 47-1Photo 49 Photo 50Photo 51 Photo 52

Monday, November 7

Lovely Weekend

Hello friends. I hope you had a fabulous weekend.
I sure did! 
Friday was a basketball game and a dance party.
Saturday was a playoff flag football game, which we dominated. Round two here we come...
a massive crafting session with dear Brittany.
relaxed watching college football. 
Sunday morning was a wonderful time at church
Here is where things got crazy:
Roommate dinner.
we always make a yummy dinner for all of us to share
this weekend, we were not quite prepared. So we threw these things in a casserole dish:
brown rice
leftover stir fry vegetables
frozen corn
Somehow it turned out, but only after a small fire broke out...
Hilary was cleaning off the stove with a paper towel and it hit the burner
In a moment of panic she tried to put the fire out with a fork. Let's just say it did not put it out.
I was at the sink and filled up a glass with water. 
Kitchen safety 101.
Next came cookies which with melted butter that had no form.
We enjoyed a very outrageous, hilarious, evening full of many mishaps.
These are the moments in life
that make me happy.
Really happy and so glad to be alive and well!
What makes you happy?

shot_1320444611735shot_1320632904559 shot_1320622455774

Tuesday, November 1

Oh Hallows Eve

Halloween was wonderful this year. It was full of lots of scares, pumpkins, and costumes. To start off the festivities of this weekend, I went to visit Kortni and Jordan in Logan. The three of us have so much fun together. If anyone has seen the show Prison Break, you will relate to the fact that we watched like six episodes (slightly disgusting, I know!) That night I went to the Howl!! Oh my gosh! How do I describe that experience? It was honestly the craziest party I have ever been to. Have no fear though, with my group of friends, it was a blast! Then last night I went to my ward's party. I have danced so much in the past two days, I am counting that as my cardio workout. I truly enjoyed all of the Halloween activities I did this year! Bring on the holiday season!

P.S. I was a rockstar, if you couldn't tell

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