Monday, January 30

ski bum.

Hello there friends. The title of this post has much to do with why it is so quiet around here! I have a renewed love of skiing this year. Well actually it has always been there but now is a full blown addiction. I ski at least two times a week. Not to mention work and go to school full time. Skiing is a priority and is treated as such. Up until a few weeks ago, it was dry as a bone on the hill. Pure ice. No fair weather skiiers this year. That all changed one fateful weekend! I went to Park City and it was  blizzard!!! Finally the day had come! I made a video to capture the day! Check check check it out!!!!
P.S. I am now obsessed with this song...Sail by AWOLNATION!

Thursday, January 5


Oh hey, its 2012! When did that happen? Can I just say that this year is going to rock! I have made SO MANY changes in my life since last year, I wouldn't even recognize myself!!! This New Year's Eve, I was a little apprehensive about how it was going to go. It is just differenct being home instead of with my roommates, etc. I am so happy to report that this New Year's was the best to date ( although I still dream of going to New York someday for NYE! Next year maybe?? Anybody want to join?) I spent the evening with a dear friend of mine, Mandy. We ran into my friend Tyler and his brother Tanner. It was so fun. After the midnight countdown, we went to Winco to eat icecream, (classy, I know right?) Life is great. I have still to make my resolutions but don't worry, it is still the first week of January! Hope you had a wonderful NYE!

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Sunday, January 1


During the break some friends and I went up to McCall to enjoy some mountain time. Only one major problem in Idaho....there is NO SNOW!!! I mean no snow at all! What is with this? Since there was  a massive lack of snow we took the time to chill at the cabin.  We did a lot of laying around and playing games. We even frequented the town and the hot springs. This town is so cute and I enjoyed taking a break and retreating to the mountains
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ghost of christmas past.

Hello friends, it has been way way too long since I have blogged.  Here is a quick summary of the last couple of weeks. This Christmas season was simply wonderful! It included-

cutting down our own Christmas tree.
Well lets be honest it was a bush! Here is how the story went down. As my roommates and I decorated our apartment, we decided we needed a real tree. So we all dressed up in our flannel shirts and hit the mountains for a real adventure. Armed with a flashlight and a hatchet we scoured the great Provo Canyon in search for a tree. I was under the impression that the forest would hold lots of great trees, I was gravely mistaken. So we found this "special" tree that looked much more tree-like in the forest but alas it is as tall as it is wide and extremely funny looking. We cut it down and brought it home. We didn't have anything to put it in other than our cookie jar. So our little burning bush sat in a fishbowl of water. That bush brought us such great joy though. It is seriously an eye sore but worth the entire adventure.
rocking the ugly sweater contest in the ward.
For our ward Christmas party we got an invitation that proclaimed it was an ugly sweater party. Alyssa, Hillary, and I went in search of the best ugly sweater. Unfortunately all the stores were plum cleaned out. Have no fear, we sat in the D.I. for an hour being creative. We bought good looking turtle necks and attached ridiculous christmas apparel to the shirts. I even found some red grandma pants that sealed the deal.  We showed up and there was literally no one else that looked as ridiculous as us!! We loved every minute of it!

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Christmas Devotional
To see the Christmas lights at Temple Square are a must for any true Utahan. They were as always beautiful. My roomies and I went to the devotional before and had a great time. It was actually a funny story because we did standby tickets. In order to get these you had to wait forever and then they finally gave us tickets like five minutes before. We had to cross the street to get to the conference center. As soon as the light turned to cross the street, it was pure mayhem! People took off sprinting to make sure they got their seats. Kids were getting left behind and people were running into signs. There I was sprinting along with the best of them!!! It was well worth the 50 yard dash though!!!

DSCF0351 DSCF0354DSCF0366
this is the real reason that I have been absent from blog world. I had seven exams that I had to squish into two and half days. How is this possible? Its not!  That's what I thought too! I spent about a week and half hanging out in the library until two a.m. hopped up on diet coke (don't you dare judge)! I survived just barely but made it out proud of the fact that I am done with another semester. I even finished incomplete credits that I had, it was a miracle.

BYU v. Baylor game
This is my first basketball game of the season! It felt so good to finally be back and I must admit that basketball is a thousand times better than football!!! The crowd was crazy and I can not wait to attend more games!!

This is a true Christmas miracle!!! Sparing a lot of the personal details, I had to endure my very last session in court. It has been a very long year but now I am officially completely done with a very long trial. In all honesty it ended on my terms and was a true blessing. I am so grateful for all of the friends and family that stood by me, every step of the way!!!!!!!

Homeward Bound....

So in a nutshell this is how the last couple of weeks of provo life have gone. I hope you enjoyed your holiday season.