Wednesday, March 28

choices and classy.


"It is our choices far more than our abilities that determine who we really are"-Albus Dumbledore

I have been thinking about this quote a lot lately. I have realized that I look at people and see their abilities and potential and neglect to take into consideration their choices.  This often leaves me clinging to a situation that is not always the best for me because I can see the "potential". I want so badly to have another person see how great things could be. This is sometimes not the case because everyone always has a choice. I have experienced the negative effects of someone who chose themselves over the potential that was there. This is painful and has left scars that I didn't know existed until another similar situation has come around. I am having to relearn that I have  a choice, always. Even though there is potential, I must be true to myself. I must learn to choose myself over a allowing someone to take my power. To find the strength to overcome weaknesses can be exhausting. It can bring me to my knees while I try to muster the courage to stand up for myself.
         With all of these thoughts in my head I enjoyed a really good Tuesday. I know it doesn't sound like it but I really did.  I went to Zupas with my dear friend April and Kaydn. Then that night after my classes I went to an orchestra concert. Guys,  it was so cool. I thought it was so fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't know why I have not taken more advantage of the great music on campus. So life continues on this week with all of my end of the semester projects looming this and next week.
     Have a good day friends. Thank you for letting me think and process my thoughts. You are wonderful.


Wednesday, March 21

st. patty.

This weekend was a fun one for me. My sister came to visit me and I was so happy to have her. She is going to come down again tomorrow so stay tuned for more good times. We went to dinner on Friday night  and after went to find our running costumes. We somehow ended up in GenX and ended up being starred at like we had antlers on our heads. We got our very festive outfits and made it out alive! So on to St. Patrick's day. It was one green day. Not only did we wear green but we decided to eat really healthy and drink a spinach shake. First things first, the 5k.  Somehow my sister talked me into running a 5k with her. My thoughts on running. I am not a natural runner, in fact it takes me a little time to get into running shape. When I do get into shape though, I am hooked. Lately all I want to do is run and run and run. That may or may not have something to do with some big issues on my plate but I really do love to run. On the beautiful morning of March 17th, we ran our race and then made a really yummy spinach shake. For a girl who doesn't eat fruit, I need those nutrients! We made it and it looked AWFUL! I am happy to report that it tasted pretty yummy! I will include the recipe! I made a little video about our race, hope you enjoy!

Dinner at Kneaders:


Untitled from Jessica White on Vimeo.

P.S. The music in this video are definitely from our childhood. Bewitched anyone?

Spinach Shake [It looks like mud but I promise it is good]

about 2 cups crushed ice
about 1 cup water
Bolthouse Farms, "amazing mango" smoothie juice-  1/3 bottle  (I usually use frozen berries but I have loved this mango lately)
about 3 cups frozen spinach (I buy it fresh from Costco and then freeze it so it doesn't go bad or smell bad)
about 2 cups frozen kale, beet greens, or chard
one banana
3-4 packets of Stevia sweetner (herbal sweetner)
1/2 cup Zoi plain or vanilla yogurt
 about 2 Tblsp flaxseed oil

shot_1332002390251 shot_1332002913126 shot_1332002934332shot_1332002924605

Monday, March 19


My dearest friends, Brittany from notwofish tagged me in a list sort of thing. So here it goes:

Eleven things:
1. I always get talked into trying new adventurous activities with the boys and it always ends up being    fun. Example- skiing double black diamonds in my first season of skiing!
2.  I have renewed my love of running and look forward to doing a triathlon this summer
3.  I have an obsession with bike riding. I personally own a cruiser, mountain bike, a tandem, and am saving up for a ride bike!
4. I feel rebellious when I put a bright color in my hair. That is as wild as I get folks
5. I have a serious need for speed. My secret dream is to drag race!
6. I own a gun and really like to shoot things. Things not people, don't worry
7. I don't eat fruit but I have been trying really hard to get over that
8. I am in love with old vintage motel signs!
9. I always wear a pair of earrings it makes me feel feminine no matter what activity I do
10. I am dying to go on a big trip
11. I always read magazines at the grocery check-out. Mostly the bridal ones, I can't help it

Questions from Brittany:

1. If you could have a cat or a dog (but not both) which would it be?
      I would have a cat. I am not really an animal person so neither would be ideal  2. What is one personality trait of yours that you are glad you possess?
      I am glad that I am naturally optimistic. It makes life lots better and funny   
3. What is one physical trait of yours that you are glad you possess?
      I love having long legs and a long torso
4. Would you rather sleep in or wake up early?
      I am the biggest early bird you have ever met. I can't sleep in even if I try!
5. Do you have any weird quirks?
     I don't eat any types of fruit. Try me. I will not like a single one you mention
6. If time and money were not an object, what job would you like to have?
     Honestly I would do anything to help someone else. So probably traveling the world trying to    make just one person's life better.
7. What do you find yourself doing in your free time?
     skiing/ working out/ crafting/ reading
8. Would you like to live in a big city or a small town?
    big city. I love the life of a big city. There is so much to do.
9. If you were famous, what would you want to be famous for? (Singing, acting, whatever.)
     I would want to be famous for making a large difference. Think Mother T
10. What is one habit you would like to break?
     letting my fear be greater than my faith. I need to trust myself and go for broke
11. What is one habit you would like to form?
        blogging close to once a day!

Here is a little preview for the next post: 

Wednesday, March 14

i get reminded.

  I have always loved school. I thought that I could be a professional student for all of time. I have recently been struggling to find the movitvation to keep going. I am having a bad case of spring fever! The other day while watching London and Layla, I turned around to find this...

Here Layla is just reading away. It was not only so precious but inspirational. Gaining knowledge is only way to grow in this life. Whether it be through experience or textbooks. I found myself evaluating learning and why I have chosen to continue my education. I am almost done but I will continue to learn forever!

Tuesday, March 13

hello lovelies.

Hello friends,
   Lots of fun has been happening over here. This weekend included:

- an almost all-nighter on Friday figuring out important life events
- a nice, lazy Saturday morning in which I slept a lot and watched way too much hulu
- an attempt with the roommates to enjoy the nice weather and go for a hike
- above mentioned hike ended up being a snowy, slushy, waterfall that we were completely unprepared  for....a little ambitious in March for sure!
- Stake Conference! Lots of fantastic meetings that were uplifting
- Breakfast with friends and an entire Sunday outside loving the SUNSHINE!!

Have a super day!

shot_1331480810389 shot_1331479968850 shot_1331509418308

Monday, March 5

I to the HOP

Hello friends. In my Friday post I was curious to see what surprises would come my way. I had no idea that a curve ball from left field would dominate much of this weekend. Long story short this weekend was a bit on the rough side.  So on a much happier and much better note here are some fun pictures. Last Thursday was free pancake day at IHOP!! What a glorious thing right? Four years ago (I can't believe that it has been four years!) a group of freshmen friends and I celebrated free pancakes. I haven't been since and so this year I went with the same group of wonderful people to celebrate it again. Friends are just the best and free pancakes are not bad either.

shot_1330486952436 shot_1330486957743shot_1330487004976 shot_1330488205171

Friday, March 2

gotta get down on friday.

Well happy Friday! I am not at all sure of what surprises this weekend holds for me.  All I know is that:
my parents give the best advice
running is the best medicine when I am being dramatic
snow on the ground=sweet powder in the mountains
I am blessed 
Friday Faves gives me a reason to sit on Pinterest for way too long!

Have a spectacular weekend and here are some Friday Faves for ya!


Thursday, March 1

keep breathing.

Ingrid Michealson has always touched my heart but today she really nailed it. I woke up in a funk. I did not want to get out of bed and I did not want to go to class. On my way home from English, I realized that I am in control of my happiness. My life is pretty dang good and it was up to me to enjoy it. So I came home and took a shower put on some lipstick and headed back out into the world! The rest of the day was not extraordinary but I was happy. I was also reminded that I have come a long ways from where I was a year ago. That in and of itself is worth it! So sing to me Ingrid and also I think I might do a photo challenge for the month of March. Wanna join?