Monday, September 26

Familiarily Unfamiliar

How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful to say the least. My sweet sister is getting married in t-minus four days! Isn't that wonderful news? I sure am excited! I came to Logan to visit her as she went through the temple. Before I got to leave town there was only one thing standing between me and  the road..Hence the reason I was almost running up to the help lab at 7 on a Friday night. I was appalled/ so grateful that the help lab was packed with students studying chemistry. [Nerdy much?] I finished it right on time and sucessfully made it to Logan! Heres a little background about that great town and I. My parents met and were married at Utah State. My sister now goes there and is getting married there. My dad was devestated that I went to BYU. That man is more full of BYU co ed jokes than anyone else.  He loves to remind me that if I want to find a real man to marry, I need to head to Utah State!
   The temple with my family was a wonderful and very special experience. I am so happy for my sister and her choice to get married there! I can't wait to blog about her wedding! So what did I do at USU:
toured campus
won some free squeaky cheese
went to the football game
watched Prison Break with my sister until 2am {we are hooked}

I love spending time with my sister and fiance so much! It was nice to go back to my roots just a little bit (don't tell my dad ok?)

Don't I look like the poster child for Utah State.  I feel like after this picture I would say, " Welcome to Utah State where all your dreams come true" or something great like that.


Thursday, September 22

Snapshots of Life

Life has been so good if I do say so myself. School has started and so much of my time is filled with working and studying. I am not complaining one bit though, I love every second of it. I am so blessed.

 Bridget and I made an awesome wall art decoration out of....toilet paper rolls!
A ferris wheel on campus? Anna and I loved taking a break from our studies to ride it!
For the best news of the month! My dad came home from Iraq and so we spent time at Art in the Park in Boise! [Don't you love the glasses?]
London and Layla and I saw a leaf bug at the park the other day! It was so cool! Don't I nanny the cutest little dancer ever?
The Dirty Dash! I am still getting the mud out! Hopefully I will put some of my other pictures up!


Thursday, September 8

The New Me on Labor Day

I did it! I cut EIGHT inches off of my hair! Crazy huh? I used to watch Oprah and totally make fun of the ladies who would cry when they cut their hair.  Well, that was sorta me. I just cried a little bit in the car ride over but remained calm while Mitchell cut away my golden locks. I was surprised how cathartic that experience was. It was like cutting away the stress, pain, sadness of the past couple of years! I am a new woman. So if you want to cut your hair but are too scared to, do it. Its a big adventure in the morning to see how to style it.

After my hair cutting extravaganza, I went and floated the Provo River. This is something that I have never done and what  a nice ride it was. It was so cold though. Like icicle cold. Like I think my body is still defrosting. After we were done we were hungry. What does that mean? Find a stand shaped like a root beer mug and enjoy a hot dog and hot chocolate? Well maybe that is not what you usually do but that is what we did! What a great day!

P.S. hot chocolate with ice cream is my new favorite!


Tuesday, September 6

Oh lately its so quiet

Hello friends. My oh my I am sorry for the lack of posts. Believe me when I say I have lots of fun things to show you. For now I am going to offer a lame excuse of an apology and say check back real soon for some fun fun fun.

Sad excuses as follows:

moving moving moving

I have been a regular gypsy, bandwagon traveler, whatever you want to call me! My car was literally stuffed with all of my things and they went everywhere with me. I am happy to report that I am all moved!

My LTD (list to do) I think this has a duh, duh, duh afterward. This list was a massive one that had to be done before I started the school year. To be optimistic at least I am organized, right? 

Thursday, September 1

Jumping on the Granny bandwagon

I love this project! I saw it on cotton and curls and just had to try it! Refashioning granny pants!  I picked out some good looking pink pants. These suckers even came with a fantastic smell to boot! I will show you how I changed them soon!