Saturday, January 12

Highlights of 2012

This may be a little late but I love the beginning of a new year that allows me to look at all the things that I have accomplished. This year was a really fun one. I have made some of the most amazing friends in the whole world. I have continued to love and have fun with my family and most importantly I have learned so much about myself. Here are some wonderful highlights of the year:

                                                //Visited Sin City with my best friends//

//Ran the Rex Lee race and spent time with the best sister//


//Enjoyed many beautiful hikes and the great outdoors//

//Started dating Cory G!//


//went to Texas to visit Cory//

//Themed Sundays with my roommates//

//Watched the Beach Boys on the 4th//

//Cory took me paragliding for my birthday//

//saw Wicked in Salt Lake with my family//

// ran a partner mud race//

//visited and had adventures in Wyoming//

I have had many other personal accomplishments. These are the things that are deep inside that we are constantly trying to fix and change. This year has shown a lot of growth and I hope that 2013 has more good things in store!

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  1. love this and love you! I hope 2013 is the best year yet!